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Sometimes we hold hands when we fuck

because we can be as rough as we want
with each other’s bodies

but me holding your hand is my way of reminding you

that I’m nothing but gentle with your heart.

— HE (via diveinme)

David and Zach, Redwoods CA April 2014


David and Zach, Redwoods CA April 2014

"I fell in love with how you laughed on a saturday night when my mom wasn’t home and you said that I was the feeling you get when your lungs are on fire and your heart feels like it much jump out of your chest.
On that same night you passed out in my bed and as you slept only my name came from your tired lips.
And 3 months later I attempted suicide with 16 pills and 11 shots of everyone who ever tore me apart and when you asked me “why?”
All I could say was I felt like my lungs were on fire and my heart was beating to the sound of your footsteps leaving.
So six months later when it was her name coming from your mouth while you slept I knew that my name was now burnt with the ashes of my rotting love that could no longer keep you from leaving."
— Saturdays Hurt (via loviely)